What The Extraterrestrials Think and Expect From Us?!


To my dear and missed wife, Conceição Aparecida Yezzi, whom since our engagement was the main person who helped me in the reception of the messages and with her personal sacrifice devoted her whole of life until her disincarnation so this work would become a reality.

To my beloved daughter Regianne and her husband Paul who together, subsequently, always supported me morally and physically.

To my dear brother Francisco J. Yezzi and his family, which not only encouraged and supported me during this whole life, but also helped me in moments of material difficulties.

To Helenice Rodrigues, from Jundiai, São Paulo, whose efforts and dedication in the disclosure of my theories and lectures motivated me to give continuity to my work, helping me to not give into discouragement. A spiritual ufologist, tireless fighter who never desponded before all the problems that emerged as she pursued this matter.

To the late reporter of “O Diário” [The Diary], in Ribeirão Preto [Minas Gerais], Senhor Lagamba, whose excellent report on one of my lectures in that city sparked the interest of the public in this subject, at the time, so controversial.

To the late Commodore Dr. João Evangelista Ferraz, my first great encourager, that through reports and lectures enabled me to come public with my knowledge saved for so long, since 1978.

To the late Dr. José Antonio Gonçalves de Almeida and his inseparable friend Dr. Gil Vicente da Silva Parisi, of Ribeirão Preto [Minas Gerais], who donated or sold out everything that seemed useful to them at the time, so that my first lectures would take place in that great and hospitable city of Ribeirão Preto.

To the beloved Ana Francisca Silva Coutinho, who as a fragrant flower came to flavor my life. She has worked intensively on the revision of the first edition of this book, who could not avoid the exchange of the correct floppy disks with the wrong ones, in the typography, which caused the childish errors found in that edition. We married posteriorly, and she, integrating with my subjects, greatly contributed to this day in the improvement of this edition and future editions of my next books in progress.

To all the people that during this past time of my life have contributed to where I arrived to today. Some putting stumbling blocks on my way to test my strength, others giving all of them for [the sake of] my well being.

May GOD reward you all. This work is a little of each one of you. Were all of you that, in a way, wrote it through me.

D. Yezzi, the author

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