What The Extraterrestrials Think and Expect From Us?!


Where did we come from, who are we and where do we go to?

What the extraterrestrials think about and expect from us? Modern Genesis. The spiritual usefulness and physics of the negative or the non positive. The kharma; Absolute Universe. Is the sun cold?! The brain, a box of secrets? The mysterious worlds of dimensions. The evolved being. The Martyrdom of Jesus of Nazareth. Life. Reports from Ink. Meditations for the third millennium. Messages from Hecloss. What is the Central Cosmic Core, God?!

These are some of the various topics that are certainly approached in such a manner that I do not know made until now. This is not simple survey of statistical data on UFOS, of beings from other planets or collections of information, but indeed lived narrations condensed over 40 years. Such time in which Domingos Yezzi and his wife had to abstain and isolate themselves from almost everything and everyone, leaving aside material pleasures common to humans, to be able to pursue unusual situations and “secrets” from more evolved beings, named by him as mindgraphy, at times through mindgraphy + pyschography, at times through telepathy.

It’s really important the vast cosmic sidereal knowledge that Domingos Yezzi and his wife have applied and used, or better saying, “possess” to externalize profound knowledge of “Universal mechanics” so precisely and at the same time in a simple, humble and moving manner.

I’m sure this work (the first of others that will follow) will be of simply infinite value to this humanity, lacking in information, which is in urgent need of “something or someone” to connect the dots of numerous existing information often without meaning and dispersed in time and space, leaving the terrestrial beings ever more confused and unbelievers.

The author enters and exits, questions and answers, exposes and clarifies issues that are real dogmas, real questions to the human beings with unusual ease and perfection. The issues and facts presented here are impressive and touching.

The reader and humanity in general will, from these information and exhibitions, for sure, much reflect on what is reported and many of the beings living here will tend to change, in the future, their acts and behaviors for the better, because the intention of the author was, is and will only be to register and contribute to the future of humanity to be mitigated for the transition of cycle that is to come.

Personal message: “Really is, dear Domingos, a divine gift to have you as my carnal brother and to have had the rare fortune to share with you the joys and difficulties so everyone could be given these “pearls of information” contained herein. As you say; “Let’s go ahead and above” …

From your brother Francisco J. Yezzi
January 25, 1996, City of São Paulo’s Day and his 36th marriage anniversary.

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