What's the purpose of the crop circles?

What’s the purpose of the crop circles?


Dear friend and mentor Yezzi, good evening.

The other day, while talking with a friend about ufology, he asked me if I had read news about a new crop circle which was being very much talked about in the specialized media. I said I was not aware even because this crop circle issue I read mostly about are more futilities than something effective and not something I seek to study.

When I got home it occurred to me to ask you what you can enlighten me on crop circles as maybe your contacts have given you information about this phenomenon and purpose.

Grateful in advance for your attention, as always.



Dear Mantuano,

The Crop Cicles are a kind of living mandalas that they knit with their ships in our plantations in order to attract positive vibes to our globe and, at the same time, show off their skills in making these signals with their ships, obeying mathematic laws, trigonometry and so on. They’re a kind of a warning of their presence among us and that if they wanted they could do other things and nobody would prevent.

This demonstrates our powerlessness against these beings who show an unusual intelligence and a very elastic patience with humans.


Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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